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Based in sunny old Nottingham

A set of wireframes

UI Design & Development

We’re not a full service agency, we’re a specialised Studio in UI design & development. We do two things incredibly well:

  1. We design and optimise the UI/UX of websites, apps and experiences.
  2. We develop websites, apps and experiences with the best tech available

We’re big believers in sticking to what you’re best at, which is why we pair with specialised agencies to ensure that all our work is industry leading.

Two coding windows with prismic

No cookie cutter solutions

We partner with the Prismic team to provide you with a truly custom solution to your niche problems. Forget having restraints within your projects such as: ‘Can you use our CMS to populate our app’. No matter how unique your build is, we’ve got an answer.

We work with some pretty big names

From Fintech blockchain and public procurement businesses, to community lead skateparks, we’re a pretty versatile bunch.

Appnin Discos
Flo Skatepark
We Are Marketable
Oolu Insure
Scape Group
Wilmott Dixons
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Startup Bundle

This is for those that want to dip their toes into having a website. We created this package just for you. We think it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to a first website.

We combine the flexibility of Wordpress with the sheer speed & scalibility of the Siteground hosting packs. This bundle is built to give you the best possible startup... So we called it the Startup bundle

  1. We start by setting up a collaborative document that you fill with all the content you can to help us understand your vision
  2. Then we create a barebones brand guidelines, purely to have a baseline to work from when it comes to colors and typography
  3. We then build out a skeletal website, with a basic layout for where objects are on the page
  4. We continue to add content and tailor SEO driven copy to populate your pages.
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Custom Development

We build your website out from scratch, using the best development practices freshly shipped from Silicon Valley. There’s no corners cuts, no compormises and especially no restrictions, we can build anything you like.

We use our cutting edge, scalable stack of Prismic, Gatsby & Netlify, to deliver blazing fast web experience. We don’t do half baked, amateur hour sites - we’ve got a serious need for speed

  1. We start by setting up a collaborative document that you fill with all the content you can to help us understand your vision
  2. Then we start with wireframing your website in a primitive form, understanding some of the key concepts, and metrics that you want to achieve
  3. We then move to developing a design system: think of this as a functional brand guideline that is used to produce your website, and provide an incredible foundation for future projects