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Daisy Godfrey’s website is an interesting beast. It started out using Wordpress, and somehow through multiple iterations, ended up using probably the front runner in highly modular, highly optimised languages (Gatsby). How did it happen:

From conception

We started Daisy Godfrey’s site with a typical Wordpress setup, because of ease of use and versatility out of the box. We helped her to plan infrastructure in the cheapest possible way and avoiding paying for G suite.

We originally set up the site with Hostinger hosting on black Friday to get Wordpress hosting for £36 for 3 years, a free Wordpress theme, shoutout to the dev’s at Magnus and the email forwarding for a grand total of £36.

Cheaper ‘and’ maintainable

Now we’re the sort of Studio that want to ensure that we’re really hitting the peak of what can be achieved, whether that’s optimisation, hosting or just penny pinching on behalf of our clients. So where’s there’s a will there’s a way.

So let us tell you how we managed to get the cost down to only the domain name, and also happen to rank 1 off of a perfect score with Google Lighthouse. Yes you read that right.

How to make it blazing fast

We wanted to ensure that Daisy could keep the eye catching morphing image on the home page but we wanted to make sure that it was arguably one of the best and fastest websites for an artist in Nottingham.

We think we nailed it with the eye catching pastel pink associated with both Daisy Godfrey’s Wordpress site, and now with the new and improved Gatsby based site. We used Sharps tracing functionality to give an outline of the image upon screen load, and then swapped it out with a high-res image. This way we could get the load speed down to a rapid 0.4s.

Finally we used ImprovMX to handle email forwarding to her personal Gmail, and Netlify for hosting the site, costing a grand total of ‘drum roll please’… £0.